These Were Almost The Names of This Blog

1 Sep

Hello. My name is Harris Alterman. I want to be a stand-up comedian. This blog is going to keep track of my journey if I can remember my password. I will also post other interesting things as well. 

I had a brainstorming session trying to come up with names for this blog and I decided my first post should be all the names that didn’t make the final cut. Here’s the list (I got a little carried away):

1. Sexual Harrisment

2. Bar Titzvah

3. Whorthodox Judaism

3. My Sunday School Gambling Addiction

4. This Priest Taste Like Applesauce

5. Derek Fisher: The Musical

6. A Million Little Subscribers

7. The Barbra Streisand Retweet Campaign 

8. Backpacking Through Eastern Syrup

9. How to Succeed in Business Using Extortion and Money Laundering

10. Mr.Green Sunglasses 

11. Women and Search Engine Optimization in the 21st Century

12. My Middle Name is My Last Name on Facebook and I Love Penis

13. The Tai Chi of Unibrows

14. All Geniuses Go to Therapy

15. How to Read Good for Dummies

16. Death and Taxes and 25 Years of Extensive Potty Training

17.  Gluten-Free and No One Likes Me

18. The Social Advantages of Having Braces

19. 100 Percent OrMANic

20. A Short History of Short Men

21. You Must Love What You Jew

22. A Boy Named: “A Boy Named Sue”

23. The Monsters Inc. Conspiracy Theories

24. Occupy: My Ass 

25. Cereal Box Mazes

26. I’ll Sleep When I’m Deadly

26. Inception 2: Watching Peoplewatchers 





2 Responses to “These Were Almost The Names of This Blog”

  1. kengaskone September 1, 2012 at 11:31 pm #

    This Priest Taste Like Applesauce and How to Read Good for Dummies actually made me laugh out loud. Keep it up!
    (i’m also trying to get into stand-up but my blog is more just cynical obversation… check it out though!)

  2. Phil September 4, 2012 at 3:23 am #


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