I’m Mos Def(initely) a Travellin’ Man

6 Sep

In 5 days I slept in 5 different locations. Denver, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Provo, then Salt Lake again (only this time in my new home for the next 4 months). 

For those that don’t know I will be an intern to a comedian for the next 4 months in Salt Lake City. I didn’t really know what that meant exactly until a few days ago but it sounded better than some of the jobs my school offered such as “SALES ASSISTANT” and “CUBICLE GOBLIN”.

I met my boss Keith on Day 1 in Vegas and got to see him perform at a Jewish Temple for a bunch of old Jews. Lox and bagel was not served but they still managed to enjoy the show. The next morning we drove back to Salt Lake (6 hours) while Keith spat out comedy knowledge at a rapid pace.  My brain is so used to being in school that it assumes knowledge coming in must be boring and it’s like “learning? Fuck that…” So I need to adjust and soak it in better.

The next day we went to Park City to watch the show where comedians Jodi Miller and Derrick Richards performed. Great stuff. I didn’t laugh a lot but rather sat and analyzed their jokes. They were really funny, but I wanted to dissect it, not enjoy it.

Now I moved into my new abode which is the guest house of a hostel which is right across the street from an absolutely BEAUTIFUL used car lot.  The room was sketechy and bare so to make myself more comfortable I went and bought the finest posters Wal-Mart had to offer including a giant mugshot of Justin Bieber. I don’t think my experiences will be like most other University of Waterloo Co-op students. I just have to hang in there, and like Justin would say “BELIEVE.” 



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