Mr.Waterloo the Genius

15 Oct

I feel very fortunate to have ended up at the University of Waterloo because of their work-study program (even if Jobmine sucks sometimes, their intentions are good.) For those that don’t know, many Waterloo students go to school for 4-months, then go out in the workforce for 4-months to gain real experience.

 Here’s why EVERY SCHOOL should do this:

 A classroom simply doesn’t prepare you for what’s coming. At all. Sure you may learn about REM sleep cycles and other things but what is that going to do? Maybe you’ll win at Trivial Pursuit some day while you’re out of a job and living in a one-bedroom apartment above a shoe store.

 Work is better. Just to learn what it means to move to a new city, have to find a place to live, budget your own money, get up for work, do your own shopping, struggle in new situations, force yourself to make new friends is WAYYYY more important than anything you’ll learn in any type of class, because that class is removed.  The real way to learn shit is to be IN the shit. Only after 2 work terms I’ve had to deal with moving in with druggies, bedbugs…TWICE. And now I’m suing a business because they gave me bedbugs and I had to move. Good luck learning to deal with stuff like that in an “Interpersonal Communications Class.”

 If university is supposed to prepare you for work life, most schools do a pretty bad job. So thank you Waterloo for teaching me what it’s like to job hunt, be in interviews, and so forth.

 To the presidents of Harvard, Yale, Stanford and other Ivy Leauge schools who I know will read this blog post, do what I say or I’ll sabotage your precious regattas, you rowing bastards.




One Response to “Mr.Waterloo the Genius”

  1. counterfeitcolumnist November 9, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    As a UofT graduate. I feel entitled to respond with condescension to this article. Unfortunately, as a tenuously employed and poorly paid UofT graduate, I must also agree with every point made.

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