My Soon to Be Sitcom Script

10 Dec

I will soon begin to write my first TV-sitcom script. It will not be an original script but a spec script of a show already on the air. I’m trying to pick which show I should write and I have a few ideas which I’ve listed below. Leave a comment with which one you like best. If you have any other suggestions of good TV-Comedies that I didn’t mention that are still on the air and in their 3rd-5th season leave a comment of the name of the show and I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks!

1) Workaholics
The DL: Very strong characters, only one storyline every episode (which I like), and the humor in the show is kinda wacky and makes a lot of pop culture references.

2) Community
The DL: Awesome ensemble cast of distinct characters, the show moves very quickly and sometimes I have to watch it twice to catch all the jokes. Not entirely in line with my sense of humor though.

3) New Girl
The DL: Quirky and cute show, however the characters are not all well defined (except Schmidt who is hilarious). BUT they do have nicely-layered storylines that usually weave together well.

4) Episodes
The DL: I don’t think a lot of people watch this show but it’s really funny. Matt LeBlanc is hilarious in it but my hesitancy to picking this one is that the show is about show business which I know nothing about….

Let me know what you think. Thanks!



One Response to “My Soon to Be Sitcom Script”

  1. Cameron PIerce December 11, 2012 at 1:38 am #

    community, hands down

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