The Movement of The People Against the Regime

25 Jun


Julian and Iris had had it with society.  The two friends were sitting in the back of “The Black Coffee” while an indie band played over the loudspeakers. Both parties claimed to have seen the band when the band was just starting out in Cleveland but neither could remember their name. They decided their lack of memory was society’s fault and not because of their marijuana use. They also agreed that the reason their coffee had gone cold was not because of time but because of the government.

Julian took out his pack of Natural American Spirits, tossed it in the air, and caught it in his hat. “I don’t even know why we vote,” he said.  Iris began nodding while Julian was still saying the word “don’t.”

“Right? Have you read 1984?” said Iris.

“Yea great book,” proclaimed Julian. Julian had read the book in high school and vaguely remembered it was about a dystopia.

Iris looked at the ceiling and played with her suspenders.

“I just feel like were caught up in this movement,” said Iris.

“Right? Everyone says they want to change the world but no one’s doing anything about it. You have to get out there and do it,” said Julian. His Natural American Spirits again landed softly in his hat.

Iris nodded.

“It’s all a movement man. It’s all a movement.”

There was a long pause in conversation as Iris used her iPhone to check what time the documentary titled “Uncle Scam” was playing at the local theater.

“Hey we better run if we want to catch the movie,” said Iris

“Do you me to drive my car or should we take your car?” said Julian

“Let’s just walk.”

“Yea good idea.”

The two friends paid for their coffees and headed off for the movie. The indie song ended and the radio announcer said, “That was Wind of Fields, an up-and-coming band out of Philadelphia.” 



2 Responses to “The Movement of The People Against the Regime”

  1. Cameron Pierce June 25, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

    An excellent depiction of not only how stupid hipsters are, but how ignorant society is as a whole. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore, they just end up repeating ideas fed to them by others. We need to concentrate on being a more informed population, not be afraid to formulate opinions that are not only our own, but are outcome of the ordinary. We can’t be afraid to contradict the I popular opinion, because I’d we don’t, we might just follow a heard that is running off a cliff.

    The irony of this piece is not lost on me. “People just talk about change and nobody does anything!” *does nothing*

    Great piece. Love to hear more.

    • Cameron Pierce June 25, 2013 at 8:07 pm #

      *out of the ordinary*

      *if we dont*

      *just follow a herd off the cliff*

      Sorry, posted from my phone

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