Bar Joke

7 Jul

a man walks into a bar

the bar finds the man quite rude for not saying excuse me after bumping into him

the bar begins to contemplate why people never treat him right

the bar wonders why his wife Merna left him all those years ago

the bar goes home, takes a shot of his favorite scotch

then another

then another

then another

the bar finds an old photo album from his wedding and begins to weep

it quickly turns to anger

the bar grabs his shotgun and hops in his car and heads for Merna’s apartment

the bar breaks down her door screaming in a drunken frenzy, “YOU WHORE, YOU FCKING WHORE.”

Merna screams in terror and pulls out a knife from the drawer


the bar rushes at her in a rage

the bar looks down

there is blood coming from the bar’s stomach

Merna cries “what have i done…WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!!”

The bar in his final words whimpers, “I forgive you.”


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