Slam Poetry Sucks

21 Oct


New Study!

10 Sep

A new study has shown that men with smaller testicles tend to be better fathers.
At least that’s what my dad tells me. 


9 Aug

A horse walks into a bar.

And the horse says, “Ouch!”

And the bar says, “Did that horse just talk?”

And the horse says, “What the fuck? A talking bar?!?”

New Study

5 Aug

A new study shows that Jennifer Aniston is beautiful without makeup. Other researchers say it’s possible that study exists. 

The Hawaii Homeless Problem

1 Aug

Hawaii is offering one-way tickets out of the state for homeless people. Some say this method just sends homeless people somewhere else where they can be homeless but Hawaii officials have said, “Yes that’s the point.”

Johnny Depp Retiring

30 Jul

In a recent interview Johnny Depp said he’s thinking about retiring from acting. Depp said he wants to follow in the footsteps of Daniel Day-Lewis and become the character.  


26 Jul

O.J. Simpson went before a parole board on Thursday in an attempt to have his prison sentence reduced. Simpson did have his sentence reduced until he blundered by murdering three people on the parole board. 

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