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Greg Stern – Environmentally-Friendly Abusive Father

16 Aug


First Date

8 Jul

3 Ways to Get Your Resume Noticed by Employers

9 Mar

Are you sick and tired of sending out your resume to employers and never hearing back? Here are some tips to help boost your chances of getting noticed!

1: Make Sure You Include Your Correct Contact Information and a Death Threat.

Double check to make sure that the phone number and email on your resume is correct. Who knows? Maybe you’ve been sending out resumes and people have been trying to contact you but they can’t! Also, think about including a death threat instead of a skills section. Something along the lines of, “If you don’t bring me in for an interview, I will find you and your family and I will end your lives. This is not a joke.” But remember to put it in your own words and to let your personality really shine!

2. Start All of Your Bullet Points with Action Verbs and Make Sure to Include a Photo of the Recruiter’s Family with an X Crossed on it. 

Using action verbs shows the recruiter that you actually know how to do something and that you’re active. Words like” collaborated” and “implemented” are great! Also see if you can get your hands on a photo of the recruiter’s family. Make an X on it, preferably in your own blood! This will show that you took the time to learn about the recruiter’s personal life and will show how much you care about getting the position!

3. Have Someone Else Proofread Your Resume While You Wait Outside the Recruiter’s House With a Gun.

When someone else proofreads your resume, they may find typos that you missed. If your resume has a typo and it gets noticed by the recruiter, they put you directly in the “NO PILE.” While a friend or family member is going over your resume, hide in the bushes outside the recruiter’s house with a loaded handgun.  When they get home from work, jump out and scream at the top of your lungs, ‘WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO A GET A FUCKING JOB THESE DAYS?” and then fire some shots in the airs. Put the gun to the recruiter’s temple and make them read your whole cover letter out loud instead of just skimming it like they usually do. If they cry a little, that’s ok, they think their life is in danger! Always end your cover letter by thanking the recruiter for their time and consideration.

It’s hard to get your resume noticed these days with all the competition and all the companies who don’t even take the time to tell you that you weren’t selected. Use these tips and hopefully you’ll be on your way to the dream job you always wanted!




Slam Poetry Sucks

21 Oct


Get Lucky Condoms

11 Jul

Make My Summer Reading List

13 Apr

I need a list of good books to read this summer. If you have a one in mind leave it in the comments and I will read it. Thanks!

If you are looking for a book to read this summer here is my suggestion: Outliers by Malcom Gladwell. 


Why Guys Want Sex

10 Apr

The only reason guys try to have sex with girls is not for the sex.  It’s so we can tell our friends that we did it. I’m not talking about men: Not married men, not men in long relationships. Guys.

Imagine a world where there was a law: a law that banned guys from telling anyone their sex stories. Bars and clubs would be empty. Alcohol consumption would crumble. V-neck sales would plummet. In a world where guys can’t tell their friends they had sex, I’m pretty sure the entire economy would collapse.

It’s not the sex that we want, it’s the story. The satisfaction of an orgasm only lasts for a second but the satisfaction of a story can be sealed away and brought back any time.  What do people love? What do people connect to? What do you people really want? A story. This is across the boards for everyone. But when that story is a sex story, guys treat it like a narrative gem that the ears of their bros must hear.

I once had a party at my house and I awoke the next morning to find two of my roommates showing two women out the door. And the second that door shut:

“Yo what happened? What happened? What happened?”

“You go first. You go first. You go first.”

“Ok. Ok. It was awesome.”

When a guy tells a sex story he is like a giddy little girl. If you look at a guy while he is telling a sex story, that is his true “O face.”  On this particular night I had no story to tell. I didn’t get to join in on story time.

And for the rest of the day my roommates were different. Their heads were raised. Their mouths were smirked. Their chests were out. All guys do this after a night of naughty time. It’s not the orgasm we care about, it’s the ego boost. The coolest guy in the room is the one with the highest kill count, the one with the best story, the alpha-male of the moment. And honestly that’s embarrassing.  Embarrassing because our egos are so hungry and we all know that a sex story is a three course meal.

And girls you know when you tell a guy not to tell anyone what happened? And he says he won’t? And he promises he won’t? OH HE GONNA TELL SOMEONE. How would he resist the temptation of sweet self-esteem?

It’s not about sleeping with someone, it’s about social approval. It’s that satisfaction we get from seeing our friend’s faces on edge as we describe that story from the night before. The laughs we get when we tell them the exposition. The “Oos” and “Awws” we get when we tell them the rising action. And the high-fives we get when we tell them all about the climax.  And it doesn’t even have to be a good sex story.

A few weeks ago I went a club called BETA. I ran into this girl who I knew from first year university but barely ever spoke.  However, we both knew who the other person was; it was one of those relationships. So we danced together. And then we danced a little more. Then we danced a lot more. Then we were outside BETA. Then we were in a cab. And soon we were back in my bedroom. And let me tell you the sex was…terrible. Let me re-phrase that: I was terrible. So far this story has an exposition and it has a rising action. But the climax of this story was pathetic.  I was a wreck. I was a tragedy. I wanted to crawl into a quiet cave and die.  And the next day my roommate asked me, “So how did it go?” And what did I say? “It was awesome.”

Laughter. Ego-boost. Oooh, Aww. Ego Boost. High five. High five. High five. Ego-boost.

It didn’t matter that the sex was horrendous. I had my story. And I had my ego-boost. And I had something else as well. A memory. Something that I could think about at any time and have an excuse to raise my head, smirk my mouth, and stick out my chest. It doesn’t matter what actually happened in that story, it matters about how you remember it. I don’t even like sex, but I love the memory of it.  And I love sharing that memory with friends. But, I don’t love that I love that. I’m ashamed that I’m a part of this group called “guys.” I’m ashamed of myself for wanting that story. And I hate myself for wanting that ego boost.

So, who wants to go to BETA?


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